A bunch of misfit kids glad to see each new "break of day", representing their ongoing survival in a post apocalyptic (err, rather sunny) nightmare world of "ghouls" (basically adults, now turned zombies), divided into high-school-esque factions.

So - the "high school" - American high school - aspect of the series does occasionally drag a bit, with an episode all about catching up on the missed homecoming dance for example, but that aside, this new Netflix show is quite a lot of fun.

What I like most, is the fact that it doesn't take itself seriously, but more so - the way that the narrative frequently takes a left turn when you least expect it. (Or at least - it tricked me a number of times; there, I said it.)

For the older amongst us, there's Ferris Bueller now playing the principal (again), which isn't a bad thing. (Nothing much more to say on this particular piece of news, but felt it should be pointed out, cos - well - Matthew Broderick may not be the most amazing actor in the world, but - he's Ferris ****ing Bueller for christsake! )

At this point, the series has neither been cancelled, nor renewed for a new season. It's picked up average+ reviews to date, so I guess it could go either way, but I would sure like at least 1 more season to see how that extra twisty ending gets resolved...