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    Visit the Episode GuideSUPERGIRL - SEASON FIVE
    A shadow warrior infiltrates the D.E.O., attempting to capture the high-powered prisoner Rip Roar. Meanwhile Andrea trusts Lena with a secret, dredging up old memories of their past friendship.

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    Excuse me, I may have missed the part where Eve told Lena about Leviathan and Lena just killed her instead of listening to her. I just don't recall Eve saying the word "Leviathan" in front of Lena.

    I'm also incredibly sad to see Andrea Brooks (Eve) relegated to the role of computer after such a standout performance last year.

    This episode also confused me because we already knew Superman was a known hero when Kara landed as a young teen, if not pre-teen. But this episode makes it look like Lex and Lena are talking about Superman 5 years ago like he just arrived.

    Apparently, during season one of Supergirl was when Lex was trying to kill Superman and did whatever act caused him to go to jail. This episode just caused a lot of headaches for me regarding their timeline.

    Andrea's arc just wasn't helpful to me. We've seen her as an obstacle and not a human being, so by episode 6, it's too late to change our feelings for her.

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