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    Post Mine Is a Long And a Sad Tale (105)

    Visit the Episode GuideBATWOMAN - SEASON ONE

    Kate captures Alice to learn the truth of what happened to her after the accident, but must follow her down the rabbit hole to a sad and disturbing story of the father and son who took her in. Meanwhile, Mary learns the truth of her mother's actions.

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    Default Re: Mine Is a Long And a Sad Tale (105)

    I gotta say, I'm kinda disappointed by this, but also intrigued.

    For one, it would have been way too stereotypical for a secret complex conspiracy to be at play, but it just seems Alice's transformation is the result of no-holds bar grudge against her family despite knowing they were there and that their lives were being threaten.

    However, having Alice's backstory be so "simple" means this is much more of a personal revenge tale than anything else.

    But I also think this is going to be a struggle for the soul of Beth. It's not going to be easy and there would require a cost for her to be redeemed (if that happens).

    Which is going to prove stronger, the years of torture/isolation/madness or the connection of family.

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