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    One would think that Melissa Benoist would be a little annoyed that Ruby Rose gets to be Batwoman, while she has to be Supergirl. Granted, Supergirl started when Benoist was in her mid-20's, while Ruby Rose is 33 starting Batwoman.

    At some point, if Supergirl stayed on the air long enough, do you think they would change it to Superwoman? Just for argument's sake, if Benoist was 40 years old, would she still want to be called Supergirl?

    Or is it just a DC licensing thing?

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    Supergirl, Superwoman, Batgirl, and Batwoman are four different characters.
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    Additionally the reason why it's ok that she's called supergirl is fairly well addressed in the first episode (two episodes?) of the show.
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    @gnoel809 I get your point. In one version, Clark went from Superboy to Superman, but that's out of canon now.

    The comics have, to my limited knowledge, never shown or allowed Supergirl to grow up while still being a superhero.

    In the latest Legion comic (Legion: Millennium?), it shows an aged Supergirl, but she's President and thus not called Supergirl.

    But I don't think we've seen Kara grow up to be in her 30s-40s, the closest was Power Girl and she was still called Power Girl.

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