It's sad Stargate Atlantis came out in 2004 and the Office in 2005, they're 15 and 14 years old respectively. But I've just recently watched one and then the other for the first time, so they're new to me! Their genres might be vastly different, but they both got such fantastic characters, that I feel this great need to 'see' them interact. I guess the thought of these people who live on an legendary alien city, and go on fantastical adventures in another galaxy as a regular part of their daily lives,meeting some average civilians who live such utterly mundane and mediocre lives just amuses me to no end. But the only thing more disheartening then writing fanfic for an old fandom, is writing a crossover fic for two old fandoms. I feel like such a fic is just asking to be ignored, especially when you consider how different they and thus they've probably attracted different group of audiences.

But hey I could be wrong this might prove as interesting to others as it does to me. So what do you think sound fun?