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    Default Where are they now?

    Some friends and I were talking about Stargate and our past and such and we were wondering....where are all these folks we used to know so well? I’m not talking about the actors - all we gotta do is google them and find out. I’m talking about fans. You know, the folks you met here or at cons.

    So I thought, why not ask.

    This is open to anyone, where are you now? Are you playing in another fandom? Have you found another show? Did life just happen and you left fandom for the real world?

    I think the only rules are to talk about yourself and don’t spread rumors.

    For me I haven’t written any fanfic in years. Real life just demanded I pay attention there. I do still write but it’s usually for work. I indulge my creativity making things for work such as PSAs and videos. I spend my time in the yard enjoying making the flowers bloom and taking the dog for a walk. I have two nieces that I don’t get to see as often as I like now (but they did take up a lot of my time years ago).

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    Default Re: Where are they now?

    Still here, most every day except when I'm too busy to even get close to a computer which err... rarely happens. Usually when I'm on vacation.

    While Stargate is the first fandom I actively participated in, I have expanded my horizons.
    I don't often participate in discussions in those fandoms, like Doctor Who, the Arrow-verse, but I have moved away from Stargate in a sense.

    I was doing, am doing a rewatch but I get easily distracted by other things.

    I work full time as a document designer (lay-outing of letters for a human resouce company)/developer of automated processes. Beyond that I'm still very much active as a prop-builder (even though I've had a personal loss this year that made me be absent from the group).

    I still write Stargate Atlantis fanfic -- less so for SG-1.
    I still plan to watch Stargate Universe (have the DVD's).

    Most of my friends are still here, except for PH (who got blocked and I'm sad about that -- she was my closet-buddy).

    I feel like Gateworld is like my dysfunctional Stargate family. We love and hate each other on the virtual level. We discuss about subjects in off-topic until the cows come home, move goalposts back and forth, and there's always bacon involved somehow. I could smack a few upside the head on more than several occasions and yet, I miss them when the site is down.

    I have no real life friends who are into stargate, so my online family has to do.
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    Default Re: Where are they now?

    I'm here...

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    Default Re: Where are they now?

    I’m still here as well! I don’t post as much as I used to, but I always try to get on every day, Gateworld’s always been a fun way to de-stress. I was a teenager when I first joined, I work full time now as a librarian. I try to watch the show as often as I can, it’s like comfort food in the form of a tv show. Currently rewatching Atlantis and SG1 when I have time. I also don’t really have any friends into Stargate so being on this forum will always be great.
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    Talking Re: Where are they now?

    I'm still here. I check in nearly every day just to see what's happening and see who might still be here. I moved last year after 10 years in the former place and now live with my brother, brother-in-law and their little dog. I had a rather bad accident last year that put me in the hospital for a month, and I now have a slight limp and a fair amount of pain to deal with. Having said that, things could be way worse, so I'm not complaining.

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    Default Re: Where are they now?

    Still here. Stargate was the first non-anime fandom I got active in and currently working my through Tyrion/Sansa fics.
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