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    Uncertain what were the feminine version of System Lord called?

    I know that the Goa'uld were known as System Lords, but not all of them consider themselves male such as Hathor and Bastet to name two Goa'uld females.
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    Default Re: what were the feminine version of System Lord called?

    Still System Lords. There may be Goa'uld queens but they reproduce A sexually with only a need of host DNA so that they might be compatible for implantation in that species. Otherwise Goa'uld have no gender in of themselves. Additionally it is not unlike Ancient Egypt where a ruler were always Pharaohs and any women who took the throne had to identify as that make honorific along with wearing the traditional Pharaoh beard.
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    Default Re: what were the feminine version of System Lord called?

    Early kings referred to themselves using titles like Nisut-bity (pharaoh is retroactively applied to them), which basically means "He of the sedge and the bee." The sedge (a type of marsh plant) was used to represent Upper Egypt and the bee Lower Egypt, so this title references their rule over both of these parts of Egypt. There was a female version of this. It was "Nisut-bityt" (note the added t).

    Hatshepsut was the first to rule "as a man," but she didn't start her reign that way. Depictions of her as a male began when she had herself crowned following seven years ruling as a regent. Inscriptions continued to refer to her as female, though. This created confusion when she was rediscovered in the 19th century as there were hieroglyphs referring to a female ruler whose statuary depicted a man. Maintaining tradition was important and it appears that she decided that to do this she would adopt the look of past rulers, but she was not attempting to fool anyone into thinking she was male as per her maintaining feminine versions of titles on her statues and her name itself which means "first among noblewomen."
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    Default Re: what were the feminine version of System Lord called?

    Osiris was a male god in Ancient Egypt but took a female host out of necessity in SG-1 -- they are just a-gendered as symbiotes but do take preference to what kind of host they want, as was displayed in Children of the Gods when Apophis' queen is given a choice in hostbody.

    Who knows it might have liked the body of a male better than a female but not how the story went.
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