I learned of this place from listening to an entitled parents thing, the situation was just a minor mistake made by a little kid, embarrassed the parent and the guy it happened to signaled to the parent that it was ok. any way the restaurant that this took place at was called, the magic time machine restaurant, I swear to you that is the name of the place, it is a themed restaurant that has its wait staff dress up as characters and adopt personalities from different points in time, the past present and future, it is basically a steak house ,but it serves other things, including dry ice in some their drinks I found their restaurant web page and there are lots of pictures of the food if you just google it, it is an eclectic mix of decoration pieces and themes, unfortunately it can only be found in 2 places in texas, Dallas and San Antonio, maybe I can go there some day, but it is too far for me to go, so if you live in those two cities in texas, check it out and let us know how it was, be sure to bring the kids, they are welcome too.