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    Default Re: Round Earthers and other progressions

    Quote Originally Posted by Gatefan1976 View Post
    No, I am telling you what the words -actually- mean, reminding you that you are an immigrant.
    What makes YOU not an immigrant?
    Being born in the USA?

    So, all people born in your borders are US citizens?
    Think about it.

    I am 200 years away from being an immigrant, but in history, that's nothing.

    That's an unsurprising low level of deflection.
    It does lead to an interesting question however.
    You are African.
    Want to be treated like one?
    so i am an immigrant since I am american, but you are not since you are in Australia? (above bolded vs italicized bolded)

    choose your epoch; today, you and I (assuming you were born in the nation where you currently reside) are not immigrants

    millennia ago- everyone not living in africa is an immigrant

    and constant race baiting and pulling on the scabs of old world imperialist and colonialist wrongs. the left wing cannot stand to see people of different skin color getting along = cognitive dissonance- so you have to stir up the RAHOWA again, and again ,and again

    your wishing for a polarized society based on ethnicity or skin color is a hateful way to go through life

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    Default Re: Round Earthers and other progressions

    now how about that tree planting?!

    or the recovery of the Aral Sea?

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    Default Re: Round Earthers and other progressions

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaka-Z0 View Post
    Okay then let's go with Wahhabism.

    Wahhabism (Arabic: ?????????, al-Wahh?biya(h)) is an Islamic doctrine and religious movement founded by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab.[a] It has been variously described as "ultraconservative",[1] "austere",[2] "fundamentalist",[3] or "puritan(ical)";[4][5] as an Islamic "reform movement" to restore "pure monotheistic worship" (tawhid) by devotees;[6] and as a "deviant sectarian movement",[6] "vile sect"[7] and a distortion of Islam by its detractors. (wiki)

    Right now KSA is a monarchy with more or less this exact system in place. I'm sure you'll point out that it is a distortion of Islam, but you'll also realize I don't care about that because it is what is happening. I said it before, I don't care what should be or what is in the books, I only care about what is applied in reality.

    Your point is not a point because the fact it is inherent to Islam or not is irrelevant. I don't care if the Jews did it first, or if Fred Cailloux from the Flintstones invented the concept of Wahhibism and other similar systems. The only thing I care about is the societies that use those systems.

    Again, I don't care if its inherent to Islam or not, they have those laws with Islam as a justification. It is religious laws even if you don't like it.
    Personally, I am not simply wired that way. I can't divorce the "Cause" from the "effect". To me, it means the world of difference. So yeah, i would definitely continue with the "It's a distortion of Islam" argument. It's what happens when religion becomes overly political. And right now, most Muslims live in that situation just as most Christians used to and as many members of other world religions live in now.

    I think that when that distinction gets lost, people tend to then make assumptions about all Muslims, and all Islamic schools of thought. And when broad assumptions get made, stuff happens.

    Didn't meant to sound condescending or anything for the record. I am saying she is not a good example because she has literally no avenues nor any way to ever occupy a seat of power. Bring her up if she somehow becomes popular and people start voting her in. Populism and whatever movement she claims she is for is on the rise around the world, nothing surprising to see a couple rotten trees sprout here and there.
    I'm into reading and studying history because I like seeing the big picture, I like seeing how things connect and that things have patterns. I was using her to point out that there is a pattern and it is more than just Islamic countries with poor human rights track records. That the agent used to oppress is irrelevant, because the oppression is a result of this pattern. Iran's treatment of women would be different in superficial ways as a nation ruled by the like so Southern. It's just how I think and process information, I see the forest and not just the trees. in this case, the baby is Islam, and the bathwater shouldn't be thrown out with the baby. Know what I mean?

    You should. What happens if I take your brain out of your skull and feed it to Soul? I can literally take every organ out of your bodies and support you with machines, but what happens if the brain is gone?
    But fetuses have brains....I think I get what you are saying, the personality is gone and fetuses have no personality? That determines life? Then what personality do amoeba have? Yet they are also alive.

    A baby can't reproduce, yet it is alive. It has the ability to do so in the future does a fetus in the last trimester meat the 7 components of life? I am referencing the biological definition of life here, but in the wiki article notice that it states that there is no unequivocal definition of life.

    Should someone be able to abort a pregnancy 4 weeks from the due date (and I mean abort, as in no child will exist) simply because they don't want to have the kid anymore? That's what I mean when I say I am pro-life. Legally, there should be a limit to abortion just as there is a limit to my "free speech". No freedom is absolute, not legally anyway. I'm not saying that a fetus during the 7th or 6th or 8th month of gestation is a complete person, just that it's a life and it's worth discussing the repercussions of it being a life.

    Most online discussions tend to devolve into "A zygote can't be a life" but....what about a 3rd trimester fetus? No one seems to want to recognize that. And I think it warrants recognition because absolute language is often used which implies that a person should be able to abort a pregnancy that only has a handful of weeks left just because they don't want a kid anymore. Notice that I mentioned the reason, extenuating circumstances are different.

    Anyway, I think this has gone way beyond the point...

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