This is a fun game I just thought of so I hope it is fun. Post something about the person who above you to say that they matter especially to the the GateWorld forum An example might be the post after this is that Bad Wolf the Artist matters to the GateWorld forums because someone needs to do fan art to cheer ones up. Then the next person might say PosterX matters to the GateWorld Forums because they always bring smiles to everyone's faces. And so on.

I guess it does not have to be totally about SG1 but basically something positive about the poster above them. It is like the game Ban the person above you but instead explaining why they need a green and how they help encourage them because who knows if the other person is having a bad day. If this thread brightens someone's day then it is a good thread. Also it might encourage someone to give you some more green (if they are able to do so) but that is not the point of the thread.