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    Default Need help creating a wiki for fictional universe based on StarGate

    I am thinking of creating a wiki (and hopefully full website too) for my fictional universe based on StarGate. I got the hosting paid for until start of July. I need to get this website going asap. What can I do to get a blank mediawiki and wordpress base software to a great site. I am getting writer's block or maybe website creator block. What can I do to get the website going?
    I do have access YouTube on my smart tv so I can check out YouTube videos but I do not know which ones are good or which ones are just a waste of time.
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    Default Re: Need help creating a wiki for fictional universe based on StarGate

    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but...
    Just go to a random wikia set. At the top should be a bar or ribbon that allows you to log into an account. At the top right is a button that says 'Star A Wiki' I've never touched it before so after that you're on your own.
    I'll just give you my wiki for simplicity sake (and don't you dare freakin vandalize it, I've had enough with ppl replacing pages with penis jokes).

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