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    Default Human offspring of Goa'uld- why so bad?

    I know the term but I do not know how to spell it. It is when two Goa’ul Make a human kid with their hosts. Why is it so bad?
    My homage stories are about characters who are children of the gods or my version of the Goa’uld. In my story Ra did not stay dead, but made a deal with Lady Death so she could have children. He takes the consort of death as a host. Still trying to figure out who takes Death as a host, but maybe a queen clone of Ra. Guess Ra rather stay alive so he agreed to create a kid.
    What happens if only one parent is a host? Why can the Goa’uld not remain control of the pregnant host?
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    Default Re: Human offspring of Goa’uld- why so bad?

    Goa'uld pass along genetic memory to their offspring. A human child conceived of two goa'uld, a harcesis, would be effected by this and possess the knowledge of its Goa'uld parents. So how they operate, how their technology works, ect. What makes this dangerous is that this child could undermine the Goa'uld's position as gods. They can teach their worshipers about their technology and their true nature.

    Now what happens when only one parent is a Goa'uld? We don't know. There has only been one occurrence of a harcesis and he came from two Goa'uld.

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