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    Default Stargate Atlantis Homecoming kindle book

    I found a book in my kindle app called StarGate Atlantis Homecoming. I also had two apparently fan written books that were apparently not allowed. I am guessing the Homecoming is legit but going from now forward how can I tell if a stargate book is legit or some fan trying to make a quick buck.
    I probably should read Homecoming but is it good?
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    Default Re: Stargate Atlantis Homecoming kindle book

    Books from Fandemonium are the only legit professional fanfiction out there.
    The rest online is not-for-profit.

    Could be fanfics are sometimes collected in zines and in order to keep the publishing and online archive manageable they ask for a small donation.

    I can't comment on Homecoming as I haven't read it and wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole either. However, it's the first book in the Legacy series and that thread is located just at the top of this part of the forum -- can't miss it.
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