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    Teal'c MacGyver

    it looks like RDA and CJ have met before. much in the way of being a youngling they are

    Christopher Judge on MacGyver Haha

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    It'd Mac and Teal'c

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    Wow. The original MacGyver.
    I was watching some clips from the original Dark Shadows TV serial, and in the end credits was Dana Elcar, who was Mac's boss on MacGyver. Wikipedia lists Dana Elcar portraying "Sheriff George Patterson" between 1966 and 1967 on Dark Shadows (gothic Tv serial).

    Also, Don S. Davis, who portrayed General George Hammond from Stargate-SG1, also played Dana Elcar's stunt/photography double on MacGyver.

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    Don S. Davis was also in an episode, playing the driver of a cement truck that was used to muffle a bomb (a trick that Mythbusters busted).

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