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    Visit the Episode GuideTHE FLASH - SEASON FIVE
    Barry's unilateral decision about Nora creates tension on Team Flash, sending her back into the arms of Eobard Thawne. When Icicle returns in the body of Caitlin's father to steal a piece of technology, Caitlin and her mother are forced to resolve their personal issues to stop him.

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    Very underwhelmed by the Icicle story's ending.

    I wasn't anticipating a happy reunion, but he just didn't seem to provoke any strong emotions to excitement. It just felt like a quick way to end the story.

    I'm very confused about Barry and Iris:
    * Yes, I am glad they had a fight about Barry's decision.
    * Yes, I am glad Iris made the remake about all the therapy they have been through.

    But what exactly is Iris' vision of their future? Is Nora going to live with them in the past and help raise lil Nora after she is born?

    Nora has to go back to the future and HAS to resolve her relationship with HER mother, not her mother's younger self.

    Same confusion for Circada 2.0's thought of kidnapping her younger self. I admit, she is suppose to seem crazy, but what is it she is hoping to achieve now that she killed her uncle?

    I feel like apart from the ending for season 1 and 3, the Flash writers have no skill in wrapping up stories. I mean look at Cisco and Gypsy.

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    I thought a lot about this episode was underwhelming. Aside from Barry and Iris' fight and the idea of Nora being corrupted by the Negative Speed Force.

    I thought her acting was really good in that scene, but I thought the writing to get her to that point felt contrived. Iris somehow said everything exactly wrong despite going there to calm her down, and some of the reasons for Nora's anger felt disappointingly weak. Her resentment towards her mother feels really petty now that we learn that Iris was nothing but kind to her, and her father's reason for being angry at her should be obvious. Instead, it came off like she was offended that Barry was outraged that she still worked with his mother's killer.
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    @Infinite-Possibilities I have that problem a lot with some writing on The Flash. It has great potential, but sometimes you just see the strings.

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