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    Visit the Episode GuideTHE FLASH - SEASON FIVE
    After discovering Nora's secret alliance with an enemy, Barry and Iris turn to her journal to learn more about the path that brought their daughter into their lives from the future -- including Nora's discovery of her powers, and her encounter with a new and powerful speedster.

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    I was disappointed by this episode. It was good to see Nora's discovery, but I was waiting for the Thawne and Barry talk and it was just dramatic and emotional without any payoff for me.

    I mean we already know so much about why Iris did what she did, seeing it from Nora's perspective was a waste of time because we already saw the pain before.

    I was hoping this would lead to a discovery of how Nora accidentally gave Cicada 2.0 the idea to go back in time.

    There just wasn't anything new in this episode except now Nora is in the future.

    And Barry...gosh...f**k him. I mean, he is making a video for Nora and he already knows what she's going to go through and how she discovers her powers. He could have EASILY added, "I love you and so does your Mom. It's way we hid your powers so Cicada doesn't kill you."

    Definitely a wasted episode in my opinion.

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