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    Just to add to the discussion.

    My mother theorizes that somehow Cersei is pregnant and there is reasoning to why she let the maid see Jaime in her bed as well as why she let Euron in. Her theory is that she is somehow pregnant by ... The Mountain. She thinks that Cersei sees The Mountain as a super-human and wants a child with his strength. Mom says that they either had sex or Qyburn figured a way to get the job done. She thinks Cersei is pregnant with The Mountain's offspring and needs people to think it is either Jaime or Euron's baby or whatever it is. This would keep with the prophecy if she gives birth to some monster.

    And a friend of mine theorizes that Tyrion also has Targaryen blood. He thinks Tyrion's mother had an affair.

    And I will be EXTREMELY pissed if they bring back Littlefinger.

    And my theories (I think I've shared these before)

    Jon Snow dies defeating The Night King, possibly after impregnating Daenerys. Jon Snow has had two purposes throughout the show. One is the revelation of his true past and the other is defeating The Night King. He has had leadership thrust upon him without ever seeking it out so he shouldn't have any great desire to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Plus he is already dead. Everything points to him dying for real by the end so I don't see the fairy tale ending people think will happen.

    Arya dies at the hand of a Faceless Man, likely Jaquen H'qhar. Arya is beyond redemption. She signed her death warrant when she betrayed the rights of The Many-Faced God. She might achieve some of her list kills, Cersei, The Mountain, but in the end she'll pay for how she has done things. I think this is also evidenced by the fact that she has too much singular purpose. Jon Snow, Sansa, and Bran have all learned their lessons the hard way and learned to adapt. Arya is still only out for revenge. They might give her some change of heart, but unfortunately it would be pretty weak if she didn't end up paying a price to The Many-Faced God and I am pretty sure there is only one price The Many-Faced God requires.

    Sansa will likely be left alone to rule Winterfell.

    Bran will return North or go somewhere to be the Three-Eyed Raven.

    Jaime or Brienne will end up as Lord Commander of The New Night Watch. (Likely Brienne unless she keeps holding to her vow to protect the Stark girls and stays by Sansa's side.)

    Daenery's will rule The Seven Kingdoms, but lose more people she loves - Jon Snow, maybe Jorah, and maybe even Missandie. But she will have a child.

    I think Varys might get it, but Tyrion and Daenery's will go on. Sucks because I love Tyrion and Varys relationship. I don't know, maybe Varys makes it as far as seeing his dream come true.

    Okay anyway, I thought the episode was fantastic and that ending might be Top 5 for the entire series. I loved most of the reunions, but I was very upset we didn't get a Mormont scene. (I'm sure it is coming.) I thought there was WAY too much Euron and honestly that whole business seemed kind of dumb. I just don't buy Cersei doing it. I mean it was a good distraction for Theon, but the only way I see Cersei giving into that guy is if my mom's theory is right. LOL

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    Default Re: Episode 801 - Winterfell

    Quote Originally Posted by Looney View Post
    Plus he is already dead
    if Jon were dead he wouldn't be able to give child to Dany

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