Hey folks, I'm an ex-game developer/modder who has been disappointed by Stargate's game presence since I was a kid and I just joined this forum on a whim!

I just figured that I'd inform you all that there are some fun mods in the game Stellaris (a 4x space empire game that is... cool but a bit of a work in progress) which give some stargate vessels.

Particularly I happen to love the Goa'uld Ha'tak. I even made my own namelist (mostly egyptian, as I've not branched out to ancient greek/etc myth based names).

This is not advertising or anything as I'm not involved in any way shape or form with any official release of anything. Or unofficially for that matter. I just love Stargate and figured I'd share something since I joined here.

In my last game I created six factions of Stargate based empires. The first - Imperium of Hades is a fan device in my head of several ancients who essentially are the original creators of the other races. They are "demon-like" and fly in old Ancient/Asuran styled ships. They are a tech based empire ruled by a science directorate.

The second was the Hegemony of Terra, I envisioned them as the survivors of an alien apocalypse/bombardment. They use Tauri styled ships, and are quite militaristic and a bit xenophobic.

The third is a wraith analogue known as the Blood Menace. They are a hive based faction that essentially eats everyone. No one likes them.

The remaining three are all Goa'uld analogues... but a bit more directly. The first faction is the Jaffa Free State, they use goa'uld technology and suffer not a slave nation to survive. Extremely hostile to ANY slave-keeping race.

The second is the Goa'uld Systems (ruled by a Supreme System Lord) modeled after the Goa'uld Empire/System Lords during Ra/Apophis' time. They use Goa'uld ships, are highly aggressive, xenophobic, and slave owners. They don't really advance their tech that much, but are highly dangerous.

The third is the Empire of Anubis. This race seeks ancient knowledge and desires to purify the galaxy at ALL COSTS. They will attack EVERYONE. The only faction they MAY spare are the Goa'uld Systems.

The end result of my galaxy? Well the Goa'uld Systems controlled the galactic north. ALL of it. They low-tech base was offset by their sheer aggressiveness and willingness to attack anyone. The Hegemony of Terra got invaded by a neighbor using Mandalorian (star wars) based ships, and even lost the Sol System, becoming exiles living in a few remaining worlds on the rim of the galaxy. The Imperium of Hades essentially had their own "whoops, we created the Asurans" moment and were the most powerful faction in the universe early on, when they saved a race of ... geckos from a time-locked world on the brink of collapse. They managed to fight their foe to a standstill after losing 90% of their territory thanks to allies... and eventually regained the mantle of the most powerful nation. They were gearing up for war with the Goa'uld Systems when I decided to restart the game (ran into some issues I should have prevented on game start). The Blood Menace were the most powerful force for the first... twenty -thirty years of gameplay, but they attacked ALL their neighbors and eventually the amount of territory they controlled outstripped their ability to defend it and they lost it all piecemeal... but in a fascinating fashion I had yet to see. Their original territory all got conquered, but they had one conquered planet themselves they rebuilt their empire from... THREE Times, before finally being eaten by Clone Wars Republic-analogue styled forces. Anubis didn't end up in that game, nor did the Free Jaffa.

Anyways, just thought I'd share my fun moment and encourage others to look to it. There are a few more Stargate based mods for the game, but none are really complete and I would not use any total conversions as they are not done and the game went through major changes recently.

Anyways, happy hunting!