While the four male guards in the empty Embarkation room including Airman 1st Class Fryatt and Staff Sergeant McAtee were playing Poker of the vacant Command, Weterings joined them yet almost instantly expressed some uneasiness about being there, telling her colleagues that she often thought that the had moved despite her colleagues ignoring her and even dismissing her claims.

Unfortunately, Weterings's bad feeling came true when the suddenly activated, much to everyone's shock while causing Weterings and her colleagues to brace themselves for a possible invasion.

Enraptured by the device's activation, Weterings ignored her comrades and their warnings and cautiously approached a small metal sphere deposited through the wormhole. The sphere was actually a Goa'uld scanning grenade, utilized by the Goa'uld System Lord Apophis while searching other worlds with his Serpent Guards to find a suitable host for his queen Amaunet among the females of different planets.

In Weterings' presence, the device activated and proceeded to examine her and relay biological information about her suitability for blending through the to Apophis.

The test went in Weterings' favor and as such, Apophis and his scout team arrived with Teal'c of Chulak, Apophis' First Prime surprising and restraining Weterings while also removing her of her weapon. Seconds later, Apophis and his army arrived with Apophis using his Hand device to subdue Weterings with the process leaving Weterings so physically weakened that she was unable to fight back and presumably on the verge of unconsciousness.

Weterings' colleagues, unwilling to give up so easily responded by firing back, triggering a gunfight that killed two of the mysterious intruders but Weterings' fellow soldiers, the four men who had been with her and who were all poorly-equipped and had been ill-prepared for such an attack were all eventually and brutally slaughtered before the Goa'uld team escaped back through the , bringing Weterings with them, resulting in her capture.

After being brought to Apophis' palace on Chulak, Weterings was stripped and bathed by slaves loyal to Apophis.

Initially struggling, Weterings then decided there was no point exhausting herself over a hot, perfumed bath. She was then dressed in a diaphanous gown and kept in a chamber with other women. Though nervous, Weterings kept her emotions in check, determined that her captors wouldn't get anything out of her but her name, rank and serial number.

Eventually, Teal'c and the ceremonial guards came, intending to select a potential host for Amaunet from among the nervous group of female prisoners. Teal'c selected Weterings, and she was dragged away, with Weterings' demands on where they were taking her being ignored. Weterings was brought before Apophis, who once again subdued her with his ribbon device.

As such, Weterings was left paralyzed yet again and while in that state, two of Apophis' male slaves stripped her of her clothing and lay her on the alter where she was completely naked except for her dog tags.

On Apophis' signal, Yametha, a Jaffa priestess who harbored his Queen, Amaunet arrived and Amaunet emerged from Yametha's stomach to personally inspect Weterings but Amaunet almost immediately rejected Weterings, having presumably determined that Weterings was not suitable as a host.

With Amanuet having passed judgment and deemed Weterings no longer useful, Weterings' fate was ultimately sealed as Apophis used his hand device once again to give Weterings a fatal electric shock which presumably triggered a fatal brain hemorrhage while causing blood to emerge from Weterings' nose and mouth, the impact killing Weterings instantly.

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