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    Visit the Episode GuideSUPERGIRL - SEASON FOUR
    While J'onn and Supergirl track Manchester and his Elite, Alex is assigned to provide protective detail for Ben Lockwood -- who takes advantage of his new position to press for an end to amnesty for aliens.

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    I expect this show to come with a fair bit of commentary about real-world politics, but I think they're going too far. This year, they're focusing on the real-world illegal immigration issue in the US.
    But playing fast & loose with the basic underpinnings of the franchise is going too far.

    This week, they made the claim that Supergirl was a "refugee" from war and violence on her home world. Which flies is the face of accepted canon for the franchise; that she and Superman were sent away from Krypton shortly before it exploded. That's not a war, folks.

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