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    Arrow2 What Defines Stargate?

    What is it about Stargate that makes it "Stargate" to you?

    Adam Barnard's new editorial explores this question in some depth. Across three movies, three television series, and now a Web series, Stargate has always been a creative mix of adventure, humor, family, realism, and mythology.

    We want to invite you to read the op-ed, and then share what has always been the core of Stargate for you!

    Adam starts like this:

    As a teenage boy growing up in North Carolina -- fascinated by the military, ancient mythology, and all things science fiction -- Stargate SG-1 seemed like a television show created by the gods themselves. It was as if somebody looked inside my soul and hand-tailored an intelligent, compelling, and enriching tale of galactic exploration that was relevant to my own life as well as the world around me.

    I naively assumed that SG-1 resonated with everyone because of that exact medley of cinematic elements (because when we're young, everything is about us). But as I came of age and spent more time interacting with other Stargate fans, I discovered that others appreciate SG-1 through a variety of lenses ...


    What do you think makes Stargate to be the unique storytelling vehicle that it is?

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    Default Re: What Defines Stargate?

    Basically what defines it to me is a modern day organisation that uses an artificial wormhole to travel the galaxy instead of a ship.
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