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    Post Blood of Patriots (210)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE ORVILLE - SEASON TWO
    Ed and the crew are sent to initiate peace talks with the Krill, but the mission is complicated when they take on board an old friend of Gordon's -- held prisoner for 20 years and set on sabotaging the peace.

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    Default Re: Blood of Patriots (210)

    Another solid episode, kind of reminded me of TNG's "The Vengeance Factor" and I was pretty sure his "daughter" was somehow the weapon the entire time but I didn't know how. It had a few funny parts, some good action and even emotional draw that felt authentic.
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    Default Re: Blood of Patriots (210)

    Reminded me more of DS9 Past Prologue

    You want thei to be a casual Friday don't you?
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    Default Re: Blood of Patriots (210)

    I enjoyed this one. I also enjoyed that two Babylon 5 supporting cast members made appearances and likely had no clue that either one was part of the Babylon 5 Universe.

    John Fleck as Ambassador K.T.Z (Really?! Is that what it said in the credits?) - aka Del Varner from The Babylon 5 Pilot THE GATHERING.

    Robin Atkin-Downes as Krill Captain Jackazh - aka or Morann from Babylon 5: In The Beginning / (and more infamously) BYRON from Babylon 5 Season 5. (DAMN he has a long IMDB credit list - 392. All that voice work really adds up.)

    Okay now that my Babylon 5 trivia is out of the way. I found BLOOD OF PATRIOTS to be extremely predictable, but pretty entertaining. Definitely had a better feeling after watching this one than some of the other offerings this season. REALLY ready for an all humor episode.
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