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    Default Re: Who were the god aliens in the 1994 film and Origins?

    Earlier in this discussion there was talk about how many gates there were. If you look at this logically that the gate had a number of combinations meaning more than one address. If it was meant to go to just one place wouldn't it be in a fixed position so it did not need to be dialed?

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    Default Re: Who were the god aliens in the 1994 film and Origins?

    As it happens, I watched all of SG1 a number of years ago but have forgotten some of the issues we are discussing. In addition, I am halfway through season 5 of SGA and have seen the rest since the beginning of SGA.
    I guess it could be argued that the power of the goa'uld emerges only in a symbiotic relationship between human qualities and some special capabilities contained within the tiny brains if the little snakes.
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    Default Re: Who were the god aliens in the 1994 film and Origins?

    Quote Originally Posted by Davey View Post
    I am afraid everything has been combined in this thread. Essentially let me ask it this way: According to the canon of the 1994 film and Origins, where did the gods come from, where did they acquire all their power and ability to control humans if they were humans themselves?
    Second, in the TV canon, how could little snakes with such tiny heads contain so much knowledge and power?
    Third, does the 1994 canon absolutely exclude the possibility that the gods were either superhuman aliens or humans possessed by some enormous alien power?? Leaving aside the mystery of how little snake brains could be so intelligent and powerful...
    There are some species of parasites that are well known to directly interfere with its host decision making process. Obviously we're a long way from a Goa'uld.

    Everything in (good)Sci-Fi is loosely, sometimes very remotely, based on science
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