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    Default Seasons 1-3 available on Prime worldwide starting February 8

    Currently only Seasons 1-2 have been available on Prime US, but they announced the other day that all three seasons will be available on Prime worldwide in just a couple of weeks.

    Amazon has also (re)confirmed that Season 4 will be released sometime this year -- without giving an exact premiere date just yet. If you follow any of the actors on Twitter, it looks like they're just finishing up filming of S4, so it really depends on how long post-production takes and whether Amazon decides to do weekly releases or all-at-once.
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    Default Re: Seasons 1-3 available on Prime worldwide starting February 8

    Blessed be Bezzos, our Lord and Savior.

    Seriously though I was sooooooo happy when he picked it up, The Expanse is one great show. Thank you for your precious information, always appreciated.
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