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    Thanks! Another page to add to the collection.

    I wonder if there is a medical condition which accounts for Todd's blood being black, as opposed to red, or if this would be a continuity error.

    There is a photo of a severed Wraith hand from Joe's own blog showing red blood (content warning: theatrical blood):

    This site states coughing up dark blood can indicate it came from the digestive system. Would that work for inactive* digestive systems too?

    (*the adjective "inactive" is extrapolated from Keller saying in "Infection": "The treatment worked exactly like it was supposed to. It eliminated their feeding hands, activated their digestive systems...")

    Addition: Nevertheless, existing on-screen visual evidence supersedes any scripts, filmed or not. "Runner" and "The Last Man" show red blood. Lorne shines a flashlight on a fallen runner hunter and Michael holds up a Queen's severed head in daylight. Wraith blood is red and and they are warm-blooded as per Todd's breath fogging up the glass in "Vegas."
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    Here's yet another page from the script with Beckett, McKay and turtles:

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    Ha! I can just hear the two of them now. Love it!
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    Call me late to the party but a script was actually written for an SGA movie??? I thought the series was concluded in the novels? (Which are pretty awesome, if i might say so myself, i would have loved to see it) but is it a thing that is happening or nah? i think with all the old tv shows getting reboots, now would be the perfect time to bring stargate atlantis back in a BIG way. One could dream though lol

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    Shortly after the show was canceled, they were given go-ahead to turn their plans for the first two episodes of season 6 into a movie. Originally, the Sci fi channel was going to air it, but that quietly went away and it became a months long saga of whether or not MGM was going to green light production on a straight to DVD movie. We didn't know at the time that MGM was on the verge of bankruptcy, but it forced them to delay everything (including the next James Bond film and The Hobbit movies). The DVD market had also bottomed out and while MGM was trying to get back on their feet, the Atlantis sets were dismantled and the props were sold at auction (storage fees for sets are very expensive).

    Once that happened, a movie became infeasible because, along with the difficulty of getting the cast back together (particularly Jason Momoa), the sets cost too much money to rebuild them for a one-off movie. They invest a lot of money into sets for a pilot, hoping that the show will have the longevity necessary for them to get their money back. They also spend money allotted to them each season to construct/expand their set pieces.

    Consequently, the only way a movie could possibly be affordable at this point is if they create CGI sets like they did for "Blood and Chrome" because the Battlestar Galactica sets had already been torn people. In addition to likely being something that will cause a good number of fans to revolt, even that's iffy because, again, the DVD market has bottomed out and recreating them in CGI is cheaper, but the level of quality is going to depend on the amount of money they think the film will make ("Blood and Chrome" was intended as a pilot).

    So a movie is now off the table, but there has been talk to turning the unproduced script from 10 years ago in a novel.
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