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    Default Sam Carter Deaths?

    How many times in any series or movie did Sam Carter die in any capacity?


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    Default Re: Sam Carter Deaths?

    Alright, memory lane time.
    There was the quantum mirror invasion. A Carter got squashed when one of them accidentally jumped realities.
    There was the changed history of her getting shot by the Ashen. Alternate timeline, she went back to Ancient Egypt, got stuck, then executed. The alternative timeline she kamikazed herself into a wraiths ship. In Continuum she gets shot.

    Now here's the ones I'm not sure you count or not. A second Carter went to Ancient Egypt, help the rebellion against Ra, and stayed there and died of old age. In Unending, that Carter technically died when Odyssey blew up though time rewound a few moments after it happened. There was another Carter in Continuum who died in a a space shuttle accident.

    9 times.

    Did I miss any?

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    Default Re: Sam Carter Deaths?

    Sam also died in the episode where they met the Nox.

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    Default Re: Sam Carter Deaths?

    Didn't she also technically die when she was taken over by the AI (the one that hid in the probe) ? Her mind eventually got back into her body but...
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    Default Re: Sam Carter Deaths?

    Her alternate from "Tin Man' died in Season 4 "Double Jeopardy".

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    Default Re: Sam Carter Deaths?

    Wow has Sam really "died" that many times? I guess I never noticed...I would've thought Daniel had "died" more times than she has in the series, then again this list of Sam "deaths" also includes alternate versions of Sam right? If we exclude all the alternate Sams, then I think the amount of times the real/original Sam "died" would be a lot less.

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