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    Default Edited Versions of Episodes?

    Interestingly I just watched Season 1 Episode 1 on both Hulu and Amazon Prime and both places the episode is 44 minutes in length and I remember more scenes than what's shown.

    When I saw Rising Part 1, I remember there was the scene where Shepherd fly's Gen O'Neil back and O'Neil gives him the speech on volunteering for the Atlantis mission.

    Then the scene where Simon watches Dr Weir's recorded message. Also the last day scenes where Mckay asks the Neighbor to watch his cat Dr Becket is served Hagis by his mom. these seem to be missing.

    Was Rising Part 1 a longer episode?


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    Default Re: Edited Versions of Episodes?

    Pretty much any time episodes are rerun on other channels/networks, they are edited to make them fit whatever time that channel has set aside for them. Comet TV has been running episodes of SG1 and I noticed in The Road Not Taken that there was a missing scene or two. So, yes, bits and pieces of episodes are edited out when they get rerun on other channels.
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    Default Re: Edited Versions of Episodes?

    That's annoying on 55 levels. I am not even sure where my DVDs are stored...

    Any streaming services have the full unedited episodes?


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