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    Zat Is (USS) Discovery a viable Plan B for reaching Destiny ? the USS Discovery (NCC-1031, Crossfield-class) has this fancy, smancy piece of kit called a Displacement Activate Spore Hub drive, or DASH. The DASH allows Disco to travel fast distances in mere seconds. And - thanks to a trip to the mirror universe - has been show to be able reach (and function in) other universes.

    The bad news is that in order for the DASH to work, you have to plug in a sentient being to help the computer do the math. And the long-term side-effects are not pleasant at all. But what if you found a way around that - like a Goa'uld parasite ? - or Discovery fell into the hands of somebody who (or whom) simply didn't care how many people would have to die to reach Destiny.... Well, would Discovery be able to make the trip ?

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    Default Re: Is (USS) Discovery a viable Plan B for reaching Destiny ?

    Actually no. The Spore Hub Drive isn't even faster than some of the other speeds seen in Star Trek like Borg Transwarp for example and even that wouldn't be sufficient for reaching Destiny in good time.
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