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    Default Rating the Series

    How would you rate the series as a whole, now that its finished...

    Best moments, worst moments, saddest moments?

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    Default Re: Rating the Series

    It was good. Definitely going to rewatch it next.

    Best moments: that one time that Maggie had her hair tied back (not sure why it was so good)
    Worst moments: Matt's hair, the ending, Jeff Fahey's cameo (why was he included for such a tiny thing), the master hallucinating super-weapon holding extinct aliens, the WHOLE Lexi religion thing.
    Saddest moments: I never really felt that connected to any of the characters to feel their deaths.

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    Default Re: Rating the Series

    Season 1.. a solid 8
    Season 2.. down a bit but still at least a 7
    Season 3, also a 7
    Season 4, down imo to a 5.. Didn't really like that whole bit with Lexi religion, nor the prison they were held in.
    Season 5.. Down to a 3.

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    Default Re: Rating the Series

    Hard series to rate, lots of good parts, lots of average parts and a lot of bad parts.

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