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    Default New US Space Command to be located in Colorado ... 3 guesses where

    (NOTE: this is not meant to be the start of a political discussion, just a fun observation)

    I read today that the President has ordered the creation of a US Space Force, to be commanded from an as-yet undisclosed location in Colorado.

    Could it be ... deep within Cheyenne Mountain?

    It could easily be Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs, but that wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

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    Default Re: New US Space Command to be located in Colorado ... 3 guesses where

    Huh. I thought there already was a US Space Command (aka, United States Air Force Space Command), and that it's already at Cheyenne Mountain (more specifically, its headquarters is at the Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, but the Complex seems to be part of AFSPC together with NORAD).

    This whole thing is weird. After doing a bit of research, the US Space Command that "that guy" is trying to reactivate is basically what became the Air Force Space Command (which is often referred to as "US Space Command", and a "space force"), together with NORAD. So it makes very little, if any, sense at all. Really, it makes perfect sense actually.

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