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    Default Stargate: Maelstrom


    Stargate Maelstrom is a Nova based collaborative writing/roleplaying sim that uses original characters created by the writers themselves. No canon characters are allowed.

    Maelstrom is essentially a reboot/reimagining. In Maelstrom canon, the SGC closed down in 1998. The current year is 2019 and the SG program has been reopened with a significant budget to work with. This reimagining gives us some freedom from SG canon (though I don't believe we'll stray too far).

    We are currently looking for people to join our SG-1 team.

    Assistant Commander: 1st Lieutenant or Captain. Member of the USAF Special Tactics community.
    Technical Officer: Staff Sergeant to Technical Sergeant. (1st Lieutenant will be considered). Also member of the USAF Special Tactics community.
    Cultural Advisor: Civilian Cultural Anthropologist, Archaeologist, would consider other related fields.
    Research Specialist: Social Sciences, STEM field, etc.

    For those who have never used Nova before:

    If you are interested in joining, click "Personnel" at the top of the page. When you get to the Personnel page, click "Open Positions". Scroll down to the position you are interested in and click "Position Open-Apply Now". That will take you to the disclaimer. Once you're past that, you'll be on the application page.

    NOTE: Nova can and will time out on you if you try to create your character bio from scratch while on the application pages, and you'll lose everything. Best to write your character bio in Word or Google Docs or whatever you use for writing and when you're ready, open the application page and input the information into each box.

    Bios do not need to be novels, but they should be thorough and well thought out and well written so we can get a good idea of your writing and story telling capabilities and also understand who your character is.


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    Default Re: Stargate: Maelstrom

    SORRY! Our website is being switched to a different hosting so it's temporarily down. If you're interested in joining, keep checking back. We hope to be up soon.

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