The 2009 version of V just got to Amazon Prime, so I decided to watch it. i never watched the original run of V because I was in the process of moving cross-country and didn't want to get invested in any new shows. I was a huge fan of the original miniseries back in the 80's.

Being a Firefly fan, I knew that Morena Baccarin was one of the main stars, but I was pleased and surprised to see Alan Tudyk on the show as well. I don't think I have to "spoiler alert" a show from almost 10 years ago, but consider yourself warned. I was sad to see Alan's part cut short, though he did have a great reveal.

It must have been filmed in Vancouver, from looking at the impressive list of actors on the IMDB page, some with appearances on BSG, not to mention SG actors such as Lexa Doig and Paul McGillion.