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    Default Fires in Malibu

    For those who haven't read this yet, Joe Flannigan lost his home in the fires in Malibu. He is safe and has been helping others survive this tragedy.

    Richard Dean Anderson's home is directly in the path of the fires. He evacuated with his dogs and they are safe.

    Ben Browder had to evacuate because his home was in the danger zone.

    I seem top recall that Beau Bridges lives fairly near Ben Browder's home, but haven't seen anything yet about him.

    Quite a few celebrities lived in the Paradise area and have either lost their homes or their homes have been threatened by the fires.

    They will all survive this and rebuild and carry on.

    I can't imagine how awful that would be to lose everything or nearly everything and have to start over.


    Rick's house was apparently saved, though he did not stay evacuated, preferring to stay behind and help where he could.
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