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    Default Stargate Command supervising Atlantis and SG1

    Has there ever been any chronology suggesting the timeline parallel between stories in SG1 and those of Atlantis? In other words, when there was Episode X in one which Episode Y was going on in the other "simultaneously", for which the command structure of Stargate Command had to be in control and supervising both?

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    Default Re: Stargate Command supervising Atlantis and SG1

    Actually, here's an episode view order and on how the episodes from the first 3 Atlantis seasons follow their SG-1's "timeline side" in its final 3 seasons:

    While SG-1 episodes mostly have their own stuff going on, it is officially established that whatever the SG-1 characters did in their final 3 seasons, the SGA guys had been dealing with their issues in the Pegasus Galaxy at the same time.

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