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    ok so who the hell is the random woman standing on the balcony at the end like shes been in the show since the start.

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    If I understand the question, that is Amelia Banks. This is what is said about her in the Omnipedia:

    "Control Room technician stationed at Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy. Banks joined the control room team some time during its fourth year of operation. She is responsible for operating the Stargate dialing interface as well as monitoring Atlantis systems. She frequently operates from an opposite shift to Chuck.

    Banks has at least five years of experience in kickboxing."

    She was thought to be a romantic interest for Ronon since the two of them seemed kind of attracted to each other, which is why she is on the balcony (standing next to Ronon) with the rest of the gang.

    She was in about 12 episodes of SGA (in the 4th/5th seasons) as a secondary or background character.
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