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    Post The Bridge (902)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON NINE
    Rick and Daryl lead a work crew to restore a bridge vital to trade between the communities, where tensions with the Saviors run high. As Maggie considers the future of her prisoner, the workers come under attack by a herd of walkers.

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    Default Re: The Bridge (902)

    lol at the fact no one has replied...

    I liked this episode. It laid a lot of groundwork for what is to come, I am sure, but also was such a story of hope! Aaron's speech to Rick, having just lost his arm...

    Honestly if this was the last season - I'm on board. I know things are going to go to **** moving forwards, but the idea that after all the carnage of the Walker apocalypse, civilisation will be reborn... Yay.

    Oh, and - I've just started binging The 100 on Netflix... So pretty good seeing Zachary McGowan in TWD. I'm hoping he's got more episodes...
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