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    Wraith Hair color in Wraith

    Was it ever explained anywhere why Queens have dark hair? Inly Betty had the white hair like the males. Mina had some silver streaks in her hair but it was mostly brown. I guess warith could color their hair or add highlights just like humans would. And a Queen might be more inclined to do this for personal aesthetics where a male wouldn’t bother. But those small possibilities aside I don’t recall it ever being brought up. Other than Betty, they all had red, brown or almost black hair. Was this meant to be considered simply a form of sexual dimorphism?

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    I think it's possible that it's a result of the caste they were born into. Like, we've seen the faces of drones and they're completely different from the scientists. So I think it's the genetics of the queen caste in the wraith.

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    Since it was only seen on females, I thought it was something that either a) non-white hair color is recessive and thus it takes two recessive genes to get non-white hair or b) one gene, but it needs two X's to activate. That or somehow a Y chromosome deactivates the gene.
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