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    Earth Symbol Re: What would your spin off, sequel, prequel or equal be based on?

    I would like to see the Beta Site. Being the back-up of the Alpha Site, it has the reputation of the being the least important base in the program. My idea is that as a result of that, there is only one SG-team based there and they always get the worst jobs. But - even though nobody really expects them to - they still manage to have all sorts of adventures and accomplishments.

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    Default Re: What would your spin off, sequel, prequel or equal be based on?

    Quote Originally Posted by Falcon Horus View Post
    Ah, if it's a really good video fic you're looking for, those are rare for stargate indeed.

    However, the French stargate fans (of whom I know quite a few) made an incredible fanfilm worth watching. I'll see if I can find the link later (when I'm at home).
    I remember coming across those a while back. I'll look them up again.

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    Default Re: What would your spin off, sequel, prequel or equal be based on?

    Another thing I would like to see in a Stargate spin-off is SG teams NOT relying too much of being "beamed out of a near-death moment(s)". In the latter SG-1 seasons that seemed to be the case on a lot of occasions and in SGA, we get like 2 ships on the show in the second season already if I remember correctly. Not that I minded the Hammond, Odyssey, Appolo etc. but for a change, I would like to see SG teams being creative at rescuing their own buts in certain situations and only use ships as a back-up option.

    SGU was a ship-based show and I think a part of the reason it failed to gain an audience is because they should have waited to use the ship-basing for the show until they started SGU. They even made Atlantis to be a space ship... for convenience purposes so they could quick-half-end that show.

    The above was probably mentioned by others in numerous other threads on here, but I think Stargate was better with characters using their minds and creativity to get out of trouble. And I'm not just talking about last-second ideas by Carter, McKay etc. that end up saving the day.

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    Default Re: What would your spin off, sequel, prequel or equal be based on?

    I believe the future of SG franchise could be built on "tematic mini-series". So when they have got a story idea and then they could afford to spend 4-6 episodes to explain it properly.

    But a new SG spinoff needs new legs. So while a Beta Site sounds interesting, why would it different from SGC? How would you explain why the heroes wouldn't dial Earth? Such things should be considered at the planning stage of a new tv show. But I agree we need a mini-series to close down the Milky Way related events like a transition what happened in the last 10-15 years, but after that Atlantis should return to the Pegasus galaxy and maybe a new team could look for adventures in the MW or in any other galaxies.
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    Default Re: What would your spin off, sequel, prequel or equal be based on?

    Well, Atlantis did return to the Pegasus Galaxy... however only in a script form by its writers. So I think we can consider that as cannon. But it wouldn't hurt to at least cover what happened to Sheppard, Ronnon, Teyla and the other SGA guys following the events in the last SGA episode.

    I like the miniseries aspect idea. Maybe use it to quick-explain what happened so far, introduce a couple of new characters and continue the story from there. Do only most basic stuff without any multi-sessional plots/storylines or character arcs - something in terms of 10 to 12 episodes to test the waters. If there is some interest, maybe do another mini-series (like a S2) to see if it'll stick around. Then making a new-spin off would be a piece of cake with bringing back the people that we know and love and maybe use them to cover what's been going on since "Gauntlet" on Earth and Pegasus. Maybe have Eli come back and mention what happened next, quickly explaining what went on during the course to the Destiny guys (and the ship itself) of a couple cameo appearances. But otherwise, focus the new storyline around exploration of other planets and Galaxies, maybe bring in some new races into the picture thanks to the discovery of some new technologies that weren't made by the Ancients in both MW and Pegasus for starters before jumping to Destiny-only reachable Galaxies.

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    Default Re: What would your spin off, sequel, prequel or equal be based on?

    I'd base it off my fanfiction, which I try to make follow continuity (or science) as close as possible. I'd also put Atlantis (and Todd) back in Pegasus, wrap up several unanswered problems the series brought up, and have a lot of humor and a series plot as well.

    Heck, I'd give it out at free comic book day if I could afford and artist
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