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    Default Planets with Villages versus Industrialized Cities

    Is there any relationship between any of the planets with city civilizations as opposed to the small villages relating back to the decisions of the Ancients?
    Ronon's planet Sateda was some kind of Earth-like industrialized modern civilization, and so was Kelowna, the planet of Jonas Quinn. I realize they were in different galaxies, Milky Way versus Pegassus, but they did seem to have a resemblance in culture.

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    Default Re: Planets with Villages versus Industrialized Cities

    Populations within the Pegasus galaxy would have been able to trade and share information, so industrial societies may have helped one another there. But, similarities between industrial societies in different galaxies and even in a lot of Milky Way planets where they exist because the Goa'uld abandoned those planets and their Stargates were buried are simply the writers playing with the idea of parallel development.

    So, for example, on Earth agriculture was independently developed in multiple parts of the world by different groups of people. From that came the early civilizations that followed similar patterns. Cultures varied, architecture varied, and environmental conditions required different approaches to certain things (e.g. people in the Americas did not have access to pack animals--save the llama--which affected their development in comparison to Europeans and Asians). This innovation, however spurred many of the same technological developments like pottery and writing and they grouped together in similar configurations.

    So, it's conceivable that many of the same developments would come out of societies industrializing independently. In the case of the Pegasus galaxy, industrialization may have been first introduced by the Ancients. I'm not sure if you're up to this, but there's a season 3 episode that introduces technology the Ancients used to influence human development on some planets. It's possible that some of that knowledge has been passed down continually under the noses of the Wraith, but there was a civilization who managed to reach the space age on a planet that had a spacegate and was thus isolated from contact with other humans, so parallel development does happen. In the case of the Milky Way, the majority of the advanced worlds that we have seen are the result of having enough time to develop independently after being left behind by the Goa'uld. They were not uplifted by the Ancients and many didn't rediscover the Stargate or have access to advanced technology until they matched ~20th century Earth.

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    Default Re: Planets with Villages versus Industrialized Cities

    one culture was uplifted by aliens but it is difficult to tell whether the aliens brought all the technology or only some of it etc

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