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    Default The Furlings is reveal secret!

    Daniel Jackson found this a little Furling on the earth was his under nose whole time!
    Furlings live in the magic-land. Pink Furlings hide on earth! She has the magic. This culture needs his help get her home at magic-land. This Furling's power is drain completion while hiding on the earth. If restore the power then ablitily magic open the MagicGate.
    The MagicGate has 39 symbols (Chevron) each on the ring as inner, middle and outer ring are total 117 symbols. It allows you travel to realm anywhere. Discover the Furling live at Xidiru Galaxy - Proutir System - Nophvixz Planet - Furlings Race.

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    Default Re: The Furlings is reveal secret!

    Please leave the comment, thank you.

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    Default Re: The Furlings is reveal secret!


    Question: English not your first language?

    Question: Is this like the beginning of an interesting fanfic, or are we supposed to post a continuation like a story told by many at the same time? Or possibly solve a mystery or riddle?
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