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    Default Is CBS being sued for plagiarism over Star Trek Discovery's tardigrades?

    The title is a question because I am not entirely sure.

    So I saw this youtube video (Link) talking about how a few things related to Star Trek including Star Trek Discovery allegedly plagiarizing a indie video game. The similarities are beyond uncanny. Similar looking characters, the Tardigrade, the teleportation style travel.

    Apparently the game developer tried to contact CBS and they kept ignoring him and then finally decided to agree not to use the tardigrade again and not sue him for plagiarism...yeah, you read that right. CBS's legal department thought that not suing someone for the same thing they are accusing you of doing was a favor. The plot thickens too. I found only found one article (link) so I am wondering how reliable this is or if it's just a matter of time?

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    Default Re: Is CBS being sued for plagiarism over Star Trek Discovery's tardigrades?

    I can't comment on the plagiarism, I havn't seen Discovery yet, I'm waiting for the BD, but CBS's behavior is no surprise. They're a very large corporation, easily able to use its wealth to manipulate the courts to get the outcome that it desires.
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