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    Default Re: Star Trek: Picard -- speculation/discussion/spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by DigiFluid View Post
    And it's working - Disney is making money hand over fist, because the demand for the product is there.

    I guess we'll just have to see if the same is true for CBS and Trek. (For me, 100%, I will watch it all)
    I'm less excited about Lower Decks so far. If purely because I'm not sure it'll last long. Star Trek fans are not overly known for their sense of humour.

    I think though that even if a couple of their shows fail the franchise will still survive. If Discovery continues to be a hit and Picard is really as good as it looks I'm not sure they have anything to worry about for quite some time.
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    Default Re: Star Trek: Picard -- speculation/discussion/spoilers

    i am hoping that today's finalized CBS/VIACOM merger was already in mind while planning and filming PICARD

    this means that TPTBs can fully use all aspects of Trek without having to redesign ships and alien appearances ,etc

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    Default Re: Star Trek: Picard -- speculation/discussion/spoilers

    I love the trailers I saw for this!

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    Default Re: Star Trek: Picard -- speculation/discussion/spoilers

    I apologise in advance but I came across THESE.

    Part 1
    Part 2

    And whilst a little off the subject I'm wondering if Star Trek Picard can rival the potential these have!

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