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    Default Re: Star Trek: Picard -- speculation/discussion/spoilers

    Any updates on this?

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    Default Re: Star Trek: Picard -- speculation/discussion/spoilers

    Small excerpt from a recent Kurtzman interview with Deadline:

    But most of all, Boucher and I pull out some more details on Picard.

    “A lot has happened to Jean-Luc Picard in the intervening years. He had to deal with some new things, and some old things. Both things collide together and he’s made choices that he’s not necessarily feeling great about,” says Kurtzman on the new Star Trek series which is currently shooting in Los Angeles.

    As the new teaser trailer indicates, “something has caused him to leave Star fleet and we will find out a lot more about what happened,” says Kurtzman about the spinoff he’s exec producing.

    What’s been key and vital on Picard is having Patrick Stewart in the writers’ room (He’s an EP on the series). “He knows Jean-Luc Picard more than anybody,” says Kurtzman.

    “We’re reverent of him,” adds the EP, “his opinion on what happens really matters to us. We couldn’t do this show unless he was happy about it.”
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