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    Zat Lantean weapons on Atlantis..or lack thereof

    During the course of the Atlantis Expedition, I am surprised that we never saw any expedition members using any Lantean weapons. We see that Lanteans used handgun type stunners onboard the Aurora and we see that the Replicators use handguns of their own (which would, one thinks, also be of Lantean design), but at no point do we see any of that technology in Atlantis.

    Would it not make sense that Atlantis, a Lantean city-ship, would have at least ONE armoury room in the whole city?

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    keep the wraith confused and off balance, dont want the wraith to think too highly of the humans, the lower the technology grade, the more arrogant and less quick to rush them they are

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    A lie is just a truth that hasn't gone through conversion therapy yet
    The truth isn't the truth

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    It makes sense that the Ancients wouldn't leave an armory full of weapons behind when packing for Earth. Unless a single weapon fell between a control panel or someone left in one of the many thousands of bedrooms throughout the city, there shouldn't be any weapons in the city. The Ancients took most everything that wasn't nailed down. Experimental items got left behind, a single personal defense shield somehow wasn't taken, and for whatever reason they decided to leave some jumpers behind despite how valuable they would've been for ferrying people from Antarctica and everything else. In every other regard the city was picked clean.

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