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    McKay Are replicators a little to similar to the Drak (Exodus From Genesis) Plus more

    Stared watching Farscape for the first time on recommendation of gate fans. When Exodus From Genesis came on I noticed the Drak were making thousands of themselves, but they also "replicated" the crew. Kind of wonder if this is where the idea for the replicators came into being.
    Plus In "Back and Back and Back to the Future" Does anyone see Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow evolving from there.

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    Default Re: Are replicators a little to similar to the Drak (Exodus From Genesis) Plus more

    Similar, but not too similar. The first replicator episodes were broadcast in 2000 and Exodus from Genesis is the second Farscape episode, first broadcast in 1999. Depending on the production schedules of both shows, it may well be that the scripts were written more or less at the same time.

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