Destiny had Ancient storage crates and barrels in various cargo bays and storage areas. Other than appearing as random background decoration, I can only think of two direct references or notable appearances:

1. Early season one, in performing inventory of what Tau'ri supplies made it through from Icarus, someone asked about the ancient crates and the order was to ignore them for the time being (I think the line was "If they're not ours, don't touch them").

2. Season two "Cloverdale," Ancient crates and barrels are used as a barricade against the alien plant monsters (and I have to hope they salvaged anything useful from inside before abandoning the crates on that planet).

So my question is are there any references I missed to things the Ancients left behind in those crates (I've watched the kino minisodes too and didn't notice anything). And also, did we ever see anything being used or lying around that we think might be from there?