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    Post Fallen World (311)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE EXPANSE - SEASON THREE
    After a massive deceleration event the Earth, Mars, and Belter ships inside the Ring cope with massive losses. While Drummer and Ashfold try to survive being pinned down, Anna tends to the wounded on the Thomas Prince, and Bobbie Draper tries to keep Holden alive.

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    I'm so sorry I didn't find time to comment on the episodes as they went, but oh my... This was just marvelous. I'm so glad the series lives on and will hopefully be as good as this even on Amazon.

    I so love the belter characters of Ashford and Drummer. Up until this episode, I still believed Ashford was on a malevolent mission to wreak chaos by undermining Drummer (as well as isolating her by roundabout -ly getting rid of Naomi) and ultimately getting the behemoth for the OPA. Now it all looks like they both meant well. They just don't agree on the methods.

    Despite the larger picture in the "bubble", this episode was as hopeful for the future as TNG Star Trek for me, thanks to what happened on the Behemoth.

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