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    Post Battles Lost and Won (323)

    Visit the Episode GuideSUPERGIRL - SEASON THREE
    As the D.E.O. and its allies take on Serena's forces, M'yrnn attempts to trap Reign -- and Sam fights to survive in the underworld. Guardian considers revealing his secret identity, and Brainiac approaches Winn with a stunning proposal.

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    Default Re: Battles Lost and Won (323)

    That ending better not be a prelude to Lena turning evil. It would completely disregard any character development she's had since she's come onto the scene, fighting to prove she isn't just another Luthor. It would all be for nought. A total waste of 2 years of development and a done to death, revived and done to death multiple times Super/Luthor storyline and would just prove that they have absolutely no imagination whatsoever if they rehash Superman/Lex with the female version

    Anyway, I'm so glad Sam didn't die. I kinda want to see her in the show next season but don't know how they can do that now that Reign is gone and she's completely human now.

    So Supergirl, "I don't kill." Well tell that to Parasite, or Rhea and some Daxamites, or maybe even the white Martians. They'd beg to differ i'm sure

    Oh why bench Alex at the DEO by making her Director. I like my badass Agent. I don't wanna see her become soccer mum

    Now that there are certain changes for next season maybe we could get the best relationship on the show back on track for good this time. I must admit though the Winn sending off brought a little tear to my eye. Much more emotional than the poor attempt they had with Kara/Supergirl

    I'm really happy that Brainy is sticking around though

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    Default Re: Battles Lost and Won (323)

    I'm definitely going to have to rewatch this, as I dozed off from about :20 to :45 or so, but I don't think Alex has to get out of the field at all. After all, J'onn didn't spend too much time cooped up in an office.

    Sam & Alex could easily end up as co-parents to Sam's kid.

    I'm seeing Supergirl's "I don't kill" as another extension of the failing experiment of the DEO forgoing the use of lethal weapons.. Which is falling on its face as far as I can tell.

    I might have a fe other comments after rewatch, though, considering I slept through half of it.

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    Default Re: Battles Lost and Won (323)

    I always laugh when I hear DC characters yell "I don't kill", Oliver Queen yells it, Barry Allen yells it, White Canary yells it, yet they've all killed when it suits them, it must be some sort of ongoing inside joke at CW cos it makes no sense otherwise.

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    Default Re: Battles Lost and Won (323)

    Ok, watched this again.. and stayed awake.

    What a cheap trick. All her friends are dead, and she just rolls the clock back and gets a do-over and everyone lives happily ever after.

    At least it looks like there might be hell to pay next season.

    Oh, and who didn't expect Lena to keep some Harun-El?
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    Default Re: Battles Lost and Won (323)

    My God! That was brilliant.
    This show is getting better and better.
    Next season it's gonna be different.
    They've completely changed the landscape. They did stop the Terraforming of earth, but the show was Terraformed.
    I assume we'll be seeing the evil brainiac.

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    Default Re: Battles Lost and Won (323)

    Excellent episode. It was sad to see Winn go. I like his character.

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