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    Jack SG-1 Without Richard Dean Anderson

    I've been watching Legend, a science fiction/western starring Richard Dean Anderson and John de Lancie. I'm really enjoying the show and kind of sad that it didn't take off. At the same time, though I wonder what if it had and it lasted for more than a year or two.

    Legend started in mid-1995, and SG-1 started production two years later in February '97. If Legend had been a success and made RDA unavailable, how would have SG-1 turned out with someone else playing O'Neill? Would it have been as successful?

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    Default Re: SG-1 Without Richard Dean Anderson

    That's actually hard question to answer...
    Though, to me, SG-1 is RDA, since O'Neill was my favorite character alongside Teal'c, of course.
    This here might be one of those "yeas and no" answers. We simply can't know for sure.
    Of course, if RDA would of been unavailable, whoever would of gotten cast as O'Neill would of done the part his own way. Which again, leads to the answer of: yes and no. In the end, we just can't say for sure, if it would of been as successful, as it was with RDA...

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    Default Re: SG-1 Without Richard Dean Anderson

    We will never know of course, but to me, the fact we had Mitchell for the last seasons was simply not the same than RDA.

    Successful? Most likely. As enjoyable? imo not.

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