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    Default considering purchasing the rights to the franchise...

    1. Which 'universe' would you prefer acquired it?

    2. Within that universe, which characters, technology, forces and locations would you like to see (or not see) represented in—what I call—an "adjacent context"? For example, "oh the new iris is made of a trinium-vibranium alloy, completely impermeable to ballistic or energy attack"; or "Mr 'El' here will be accompanying us on our mission to P2X-331..."

    Sorry if this sort of thing has already been pitched before.

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    Default Re: considering purchasing the rights to the franchise...

    Sometimes I wish we could find a millionare from Dubai or Hollywood, who would buy the right.
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    Default Re: considering purchasing the rights to the franchise...

    To be realistic, anyone who has the money to buy the rights and enough strong and valid financial resources to support it (and the enough amount of the same), can buy the Stargate franchise and make good money. The only problem is that the continuity and the 17-year of established plots, storylines, characters and events may be omitted if:
    - the person/company who/that buys the rights is not aware of what came before
    - the person/company who/that buys the rights does not want to even take a look to what came before and is not interested in making any kind of sequel to what came before and/or
    - the person/company who/that buys the rights wants to start everything anew, which means the now veteran and classic characters won't even get a mention in anything new that's Stargate related.

    The person who buys the rights has to be someone that has worked with the franchise in the past or the person whose company buys the rights has to be interested in pursuing any kind of sequel of the Stargate/SG-1/Atlantis/Universe universe.

    Joe Flanigan almost did it, however, it was (obviously) not meant to be.

    That or get someone from the franchise's past who can convince the new bosses to pursue a sequel to what we already know and love about the franchise. If someone unknown to the franchise and the fanbase ends up buying the rights, we probably won't be seeing someone even attempting gating to another Galaxy, Atlantis or any of the Galaxies, featured in SGU.

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    Default Re: considering purchasing the rights to the franchise...

    ‘Universes’ don’t acquire IP.


    The Last Great Time War

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